Marvel strike force mystic team 2020

Loki has an amazing kit, a place on one of the better teams in the Asgardians, and can also be a plug and play type of character. Highly recommended for mid to end game players.

Employing his impossible dexterity in miracle and sorcery to energy his wicked motives, Loki made a name for himself as the Asgardian god of mischief and wicked. Though he has sometimes found himself on the side of good, this trickster inevitably reverts to form.

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Having an natural aptitude for miracle and sorcery, Loki occupies his younger years by pranking his buddy Thor, developing his powers during this process. Together with his marvelous capabilities, Loki offers superhuman actual physical expertise for example a heightened life-span, very individual energy, resistance to terrestrial illnesses, and potential to deal with standard injury.

Loki elevates his powers by training in the rites of black magic. Level Required: Mind Control Apply Defense Down to primary target for 2 turns. Mind Control 2 enemies to attack the primary target.

Mirror Images gain Evade.Question Mystic Campaign team build help self. I am struggling trying to put together a team for the Mystic campaign. Any team advice? Supernatural can easily go thru mystic campaign, if not use your strongest mystic characters, which is what I did till I started builing supernatural. The first 3 are very good in the mystic campaign and get even better once you add Strange and Ghost RiderRonan has a decent kit with AoE and ability block and is needed for Phoenix event, Juggernaut is a top tier character and you'll want to build him up anyways.

The rest have very niche uses and is not worth the gear Except IF of course. I guess I feel like he deserved being called out individually because he is now the best of the bunch to level up.

From everyone you name I suggest to not use Iron Fist or Chavez. The rest benefits from each others synergies or are good on their own. Hand Sentry is always a nice addition to Mystic teams.

Hand Sorcerer can function as a healer in earlier stages. Ronan can summon, which is helpfull. And M'Baku is a decent tank, but Juggernaut is beter. Not every campaign node asks the same team composition or strategy. Sometimes you have to survive several hords, in that case a healer and tank afe nice. Bur sometimes you have to take out one strong character, than damage output what you need.

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Marvel Strike Force Codes 2020 : Redeem Free Gifts

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Want to add to the discussion? Post a comment! Create an account. But in your case I would suggest to use Mordo and Scarlet Witch in every team.Marvel Strike Force is home to an exhausting list of Marvel characters. The opportunity to mix and match heroes and villains is part of the fun, and you can come up with some crazy combinations. However, not every combination is going to work. Synergy is an integral part of Marvel Strike Force. His debuffs will always apply, if not most of the time, which activates Wolverine and another ally to follow up with attacks.

Colossus is mainly there for tanking and support. He can taunt, counter, deflect, and apply offensive debuffs. However, his abilities are improved if Phoenix is an ally. Phoenix has her own set of supportive abilities and is basically the opposite of Psylocke.

Rather than transferring negative effects, Phoenix removes positive effects from the opposing team. But if she dies, she absorbs negative effects and is reborn as Dark Phoenix. The Spooky Team makes use of mystic and supernatural characters, and perform incredibly well in Alliance War as a defensive team. Elsa Bloodstone is not only great on the offensive, but also provides some excellent support based on the number of Mystics and Supernaturals on her team. Mystic allies are granted increased critical strike, while the presence of Supernatural allies grants Elsa Bloodstone increased damage.

The cherry on top is her passive ability, allowing her to punish any enemy that dodges or misses, provided there are at least three Supernatural allies on your team. Mordo and Scarlet Witch are the champions of negative effects in this team.

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Scarlet Witch makes up for her lack of heavy-hitting damage for applied random negative effects, redistribution of ally health, and buffs like Deflect. Mordo, on the other hand, can apply random negative effects, blind, stun, and heal block. If an ally Mystic falls, he gets a heal and energy boost.

He can summon additional Ultron minions, buff defense, has the strongest single-target ability in Marvel Strike Forceand can even revive allies. You build your team around Ultron. She does this with both targeted heals and a siphon attack that steals health from the enemy and gives it to allies. She too is an integral part of any Raid team, provided you synergize with her. Scientist Supreme is primarily a support character. She has the uncanny ability to take negative effects from her team and turn them into positives.

In fact, other A. This leaves room to alter your team for someone like Graviton. Falcon does well against buff-heavy teams, gaining increased speed for himself and the team while simultaneously removing stealth.

If you so choose, swap Invisible Woman out for Iron Man. However, you are losing a lot of defensive support. Invisible Woman provides shields based on her health, buffs, and removes negative effects.

It might be advantageous to swap Falcon out for a member of the Fantastic Four. The Asgardians prove their combat prowess by having an answer for just about any threat. Every member either provides a buff, debuff, support, or deals damage in some manner.

Using both hammer and lightning, Thor deals massive damage to single targets, multiple targets, and can stun them in the process.This week we're splicing a new character into the mix that'll evolve rosters and change the DNA of battles. We're also bringing back an apex Legendary Event and showcasing Blitzes featuring rulers who live below sea level.

Now, start working on your maniacal laugh, because we're visiting the lab of Dr. Nathanial Essex first. Tap into your inner evil scientist with Mister Sinister, the new Support character for the Marauders. If you've ever looked at an opposing team and said, "I wish I had THAT character in this battle," you won't have to just wish anymore.

In addition to sustaining allies with Regeneration, Ability Energy, and positive effects, Mister Sinister features a powerful new ability: Clone. Mister Sinister can clone ANY opposing enemy and Clones have access to the original character's abilities.

Don't miss a day next week, because a karat calendar is coming your way. From November 11th until November 17th, log in each day and receive K in Gold! Finish off by boosting your roster with this one-week Gold rush. There's no denying Phoenix's power; whether you're slotting her into the X-Men or a hybrid Arena team, Phoenix and Dark Phoenix can turn entire teams to ash.

Don't miss your shot at adding her to your roster. Dive into Blitz this week and go deepsea character shard hunting for the Ruler of Atlantis: Namor. And if you just can't get enough of Hela during today's Blitz, you'll have another opportunity to recruit the Goddess of Death next week during her second stint in Blitz.

Shore up your ranks in the city with the upcoming Neighborhood Watch event where all Campaign Nodes will reward 2x shards for all City Heroes. Latest Updates 4. The Mutant Scientist July 10, The Squirrel Whisperer July 3, Fun in the Sun June 26, Previous tips:. As you progress, the real fun starts when you can complete teams and see all of the in-game synergies at work!

As I have stated before, you really want to unlock Legendary characters here is the list of them so that you can maximize the teams in which they belong! Take Shurifor instance. The Wakandans without her are just a middle of the road squad. In my opinion, this is also part of the fun of this game, because there are a hand full of toons without a true team and while they end up getting forgotten about as you progress through the game, they are some of the more underrated characters in MSF!

So here are my top 3 most underrated plug and play toons, with a couple other toons who are underrated for different reasons. As new teams have been added to MSF, toons either get poached from the Hero Brawlers or they find themselves being caught by this island of misfit toys. However, one character has actually been the lynchpin for this team. In addition, her special ability damage increases per Hero Brawler alley. Maybe they will end up with 6 toons on that Young Avengers team, so America Chavez can stay where she belongs, as the powerhouse for the Hero Brawler Team!

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Hulk has a team: The Wave-1 Avengers. But that team has essentially been dismantled because of the Asgardians team taking Thor, Power Armor taking Iron Man, and Hawkeye in desperate need of a rework. Either way, very little of what makes Hulk great comes from his Wave-1 Avengers synergy.

He is just one of the tankiest of tanks, who packs some pretty good punch as his health falls. Hulk is a fairly early unlock because his shards come from in game achievements, so you will have time to move him around from team to team as needed. As I catch up the teams to the other toons, I am sure I will have no problem finding a spot for Hulk. This one might get the most push back, because Nebula is considered one of the weakest characters in the game. On the flip side of that, she is a bit of a pain defensively.

She has higher health and gains evade on her ultimate and basic abilities. She also gains counter with her special and revives with her passive with the chance to assist on attacks because of her passive. The main problem is that the percentages are lower than toons that have been reworked or debuting now.

The first is Hela. Hela is clearly a top toon, and no one should dispute that. However, Hela is a major factor in why the Asgardians are one of the top tier teams in the game right now. Her whole kit is so good, and she is essentially one of the best toons in any game mode she is eligible for: Villain, Mystic and Cosmic campaigns.

Plus, she is useful in Arena and was the key for me to finally 3 staring the Ability materials challenge tier 10!

marvel strike force mystic team 2020

Falcon is actually the key to the Power Armor team and he is also a great character to move around as needed because he has flexible synergies and a great kit! You also can start with this attack, so if you are facing a team with a lot of passive buffs he can really wreck their start to the match! More importantly, he has a speed bar manipulation for his special by using Redwing, who also uncovers enemies in stealth.

You can also use this to start a match, and if things go well, you can really mess up your opponent in the PvP mode where Sam Wilson is an unsung hero. Thursday marks the Blitz release of X!!! Legendary : Nick Fury is the next Legendary character you should be preparing for.

Nash serves Children, Youth, and Families.

marvel strike force mystic team 2020

His line of work — coupled with his natural affinity for superheroes, fiction, and Legos — keep him young at heart. An Introduction to the Battleground Mode in Hearthstone. Likes Followers Subscribe Followers. Video Games. Marvel Strike Force: Underrated Characters So here are my top 3 most underrated plug and play toons, with a couple other toons who are underrated for different reasons. America Chavez.Question Best mystic team? It really depends on the content you're tackling. Some stages practically necessitate Black Panther.

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Some require Mordo and SW debuff extension, and good luck getting debuffs to stick to uberbosses without Loki. Some really, really need Hand Sentry, while Thanos is the only option for others. The Mystic class is the largest collection of specialty toolkits in the game, and it's really hard to blindly answer what the optimal tools for a situation are.

Yondu might be the only Mystic I consider a safe universal pick, just because of his raw power in a ton of areas. SW, Mordo, Loki, Thanos. Last spot is a bit of a flex, Yondu works well enough if you're doing mystic campaign. For campaign that last spot should probably go to Strange.

Challenge Guide: Ep. 01 - Ability Enhancements (Tier 10) - MARVEL Strike Force

The res helps 3 star in a lot of nodes. This, or sentry. Yondu is good but he really doesn't do what you need for the mystic campaign cc and sustain. If Loki wouldn't exist I might bring him or Sentry, but now, Loki kinda replaces both of them!

I would bring Yondu if more purge was needed. All of them should work. I think the best option there is Venom since Vision can go to a tech team and Spidey to pretty much any other team. I roll with Mordo, Loki, YonduThanosand who is the strongest at the time. Many time is he Hand S. I like this team since when I build them up I am building up cosmic them as well.

I am on mystic but is getting slaughtered there. Have managed to take out 10 of 18 enemies at my best attempt. Just geared up BP, he was 20k last time I tried the node. But how should I improve my team? Should I improve on my top 5 or build one of the other to replace someone? Loki, unfortunately for you, is pretty much mandatory for mystic as his passive is fantastic and skills are great at the start of battles.

Lets put it this way. You are NOT going to finish the mystic campaign with just 1 team. You need like 8 mystic members.

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Maybe i should have been more clear. Vision is good in everything but the campaign obviously. Especially if you are trying to utilize sw to her full potential. Back to the main point. No 1 mystic team will get you thru the entire mystic campaign node. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our User Agreement and Privacy Policy. All rights reserved. MarvelStrikeForce comments.

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Want to join? Log in or sign up in seconds. Submit Post.Luck smiles upon your roster this week with the introduction of a Mutant Mercenary who laughs at the odds and then blows them away. Thank you to everyone who cast their vote for each category, and thank you again to everyone for an incredible year.

Tune in to our YouTube video to find out the winners for these categories:. Lady Luck herself has joined S. E in the form of the ever-deadly Domino.

marvel strike force mystic team 2020

Combined with her elite fighting skills, Domino enters fights with the deck stacked heavily in her favor. If Deadpool is an ally, transfer all negative effects from self and each X-Force ally to Deadpool.

One of your first chances to recruit Domino will be in her upcoming Event Campaign, Serendipity. Add fire, brimstone, and Vibranium to your roster with these characters heading to Campaign missions.

Unfortunately, we won't be able to end this section with a dad joke. Our developers are unable to access our joke dad-a-base. Swooping and charging into Blitz this week are two characters that pack a punch on their respective teams. During the event, the following Campaign nodes will reward double character shards for Wakandans:.

Latest Updates 4. The Mutant Scientist July 10, The Squirrel Whisperer July 3, Fun in the Sun June 26, Crackdown on Blitz Cheating June 25, The Top-Secret Weapon June 19, All Together Now June 12, The Teenage Timebomb June 5,


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