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We take pride in providing solutions and supplies to the agriculture industry, a community that our owners also growers have been a part of for decades. We manufacture stakes and crossarms for trellis systems used in vineyards, orchards, and a large assortment of fruits, nuts, berries, etc. Our extensive product line includes end posts, trellis wire, anchors, animal control, vine protection, and fencing supplies, to name a few.

In addition to our unique manufacturing capabilities, we recently expanded our product line to include everyday farming necessities for contractors and those working directly in the field. Our product selection now includes harvest supplies, pruning supplies, safety and sanitation supplies, and more. JSC also has an online store designed to accommodate smaller growers who appreciate the convenience of ordering online.

Headquartered in Bakersfield, California, our professional sales team is committed to providing excellent service so you can focus your time and money on your business. Photo credit: JSC Agricultural Supply In addition to our unique manufacturing capabilities, we recently expanded our product line to include everyday farming necessities for contractors and those working directly in the field.

Calendar of Events. Month Agenda. This webinar for Lake County winegrape growers will focus on how to identify two insect[ Lake County Sauvignon Blancs. Grower Spotlight on Sustainability: Rosenthal Vineyards. Privacy Policy. Photography by Nathan DeHart.

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Website design by 26 Brix. Open toolbar.Photo by Rachel LaFranchi. Company to re-brand, reflecting its growing product line and services while maintaining its unique manufacturing roots. JSC Agricultural Supply prides itself on personalized service and solutions for both large and small growers alike with its unique ability to manufacture steel trellis components. With deep roots in Kern County and a commitment to the community, JSC Agricultural Supply serves growers locally, nationally, and internationally.

Vice President, Dan Drake, is excited about the rebranding effort.

Sonoma County Farm Bureau

JSC Agricultural Supply will continue to manufacture trellis components and provide a variety of accessory items like tie tape and Gripple tensioners. In addition, customers now have the added convenience of new retail locations and an online ecommerce store where customers can easily search, view, order, and ship items right to their door.

The new location in Delano, formerly known as Orange Cove Hardware, will expand current product lines, offering a wider array of products including safety supplies and harvest supplies such as safety masks, spray suits, scales, loppers, and pruners.

This move will provide a more centralized warehouse and distribution location for Northern California. Visit our new locations and online store for added convenience and let us know how we can help! To represent, protect and advance the social, economic and educational interests of the farmers and ranchers of Sonoma County. Sonoma County Farm Bureau. Ag Days Archives. Written By: Admin Published: April 1, Ag Immigration Reform. Premium Members. Copyright Sonoma County Farm Bureau.

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JSC Overview

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jsc agricultural supply

Bill of lading. Zhenjiang Hongda Commodity Co.Growers and industry friends are invited to celebrate the occasion with an official ribbon cutting, complimentary food, raffles and vendor demos! Submit A Calendar Event. Home Page. April 12, am - pm. Details Date: April 12, Time: am - pm. Popular Recent Comments Tags. There is NO spot Dan McNamara: One of the best solutions for the hot weather is a Canopy shelter, set up proper Follow Us. Popular Videos. Popular Articles.

Upcoming Events There are no upcoming events at this time. It is requested in writing by its readers more than any other grape-oriented publication, and is the only publication to exclusively serve the grape growing community.

All American Vineyard editorial focuses on grape growing practices and news in the wine, juice, raisin and table grape industries. There are no stories that do not relate directly and exclusively to the grape industry, and it is the only publication that covers the entire grape industry.

That is why grape growers turn first, and some exclusively, to American Vineyard for their grape industry news and information. Follow us.Stay safe everyone. This unique trailer is equipped with 18 hand washing stations, a trash can base, and Igloo holder.

Give us a call to secure one or a few to keep your crews safe today! Meet our Oregon team! Our crew has been in the industry for decades with firsthand knowledge of customer needs. Wayne, Jim, and DeWayne invite to contact them or stop by today! Visit us at South 3rd Street, Independence, Oregon or give us a call at Getting ready to open our newest location this Monday!

Hello Oregon! We honor all the sacrifices made by the heroes of our country. How cool is this shot of Jim Boylan? Jim bought, sold, and delivered the steel while Doreen handled the phones and office work, all while caring for their 5 children. Talk about a great team! Beautiful views in Lodi today! These crossarms are designed to support heavier loads and are a popular solution for vineyards looking to support mechanical harvesting.

Did you know there are over 20 varieties of blueberries in Oregon? These posts are hot off the press! What sets us apart from other trellis supply companies is our ability to produce these in our very own, on site production plant. Growers prefer to customize their trellis systems and we are able to fulfill those requests.

Frequently Asked Questions

We look forward to working with you on your next project! We have hand sanitizer. Contact your sales rep or our Delano store today Cheers to everyone out there getting it done. We hope you have a wonderful week. Act now and contact your local sales rep today. These will go fast! This retractable rain cover is definitely putting in work right now with all of this rain.

Who else is getting this many showers?

Contact – Pacific Northwest Sales Team

We are taking every precaution to keep our employees and customers safe. We continue to deliver to our growers whose job never stops. Today we honor each and every one of you that contributes to the Ag industry! We are proud to be a part of such an amazing community.

Today we celebrate National Agriculture Day.

Grand Opening of JSC Agricultural Supply in Delano

Today and everyday we are proud to promote and protect the hard working men and women of the agriculture industry. Especially during hard times like these, farmers and ranchers work day in and day out to produce the safest and most productive food supply.

May we recognize the hands that tend the crops, care for the animals and work the land. Jump to.Please note this guide is for informational purposes only and should not be used exclusively to determine actual quantities of materials required. Field conditions may alter the actual required amount of plants and wire per acre.

Frequently Asked Questions. We manufacture steel trellis solutions and distribute a full line of agricultural supplies. How can I calculate materials needed for my vineyard? What size of wire do I need for my trellis? What type of trellis system should I use?

We have an extensive line of trellis system components available.

jsc agricultural supply

The type of trellis really depends on your application. We are glad to talk through your needs and we can work together to come up with a solution. Do you have a line card? Download it here. Chances are we can get it! How can I do this? Make sure you fill in all of the fields and provide as much detail as possible.

jsc agricultural supply

You can email us. Please be sure to provide as much info as possible so we can prepare an accurate quote for you. You can call our corporate office at We are also open 8am — 12pm on select Saturdays. Retail store hours vary by location. How can I set up an account with JSC? Why are there two versions of your website? Some pages have green borders and some have purple? Our wholesale site is designed to be informative and accept quote requests since prices will vary based on the quantity of items, customization for our manufactured trellis items, etc.

Our online store has our most popular items available for purchase through the site, but we have many other products available.

Contact us at Our line card is available for download, but even that probably does not have every single item we carry listed so feel free to contact us! I see some products available for purchase online, but not all.

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Why is this? Only select items are available to purchase online, but we are continuously adding to our online catalog. If you are interested in wholesale pricing, please contact us at Do you deliver? Where do you ship? Ask our sales representatives about your specific location. We ship products both nationwide and internationally. What is your return policy?

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